Preparing for the effects of climate change

Longer heatwaves, heavy rains and drought have recently hit our city.
We're preparing for similar situations in the future.

New strategy

A new plan will be created by the end of August 2021

Public involvement

You have the opportunity to participate

Quality of life

Our goal is Přerov, in which it will be better to live

Vulnerable groups

We think of children, the elderly and the sick


Vulnerability Analysis (January-February 2021)

The analytical part will map and analyze the vulnerability of Přerov to the expected impacts of climate change. The analysis will also use data from satellites monitoring and climate models predicting changes in temperature, humidity or wind speed.


Proposal of measures (March - June 2021)

This part will specify measures to prevent threats identified in the analytical part. A new strategy and action plan will set concrete steps for Přerov for the next 10 years. The public will be actively involved in the preparations at each stage.


Implementation plan (July-August 2021)

As part of the implementation plan, the city will prepare its infrastructure and organizational processes for the impacts of extreme weather events, adapt public spaces and buildings or plan investments in the further development of urban greenery. All activities will take place with regard to the most vulnerable groups of the population.

How did citizens get involved

Public hearing took place on March 30th 2021

Public hearing took place on June 28th 2021


The project was supported with grant from Norwegian funds.

Prepared by ASITIS for the city of Přerov.

About the project